Workshop Wittenberg is here!


Workshop Wittenberg will bring together 140 young Lutherans from the furthest corners of the earth for a fortnight of discussion, planning and great ideas to keep the LWF Communion moving forward. It all starts on September 23. Make sure you follow all the discussion, debate and planning on our dedicated live-stream channel, through video blogs and on social media. Be inspired by the enthusiasm of young Lutherans and get caught up in the energy and excitement of this truly global gathering.


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LWF Youth Priorities

Sustainability | Society, economy and the environment

LWF Youth promote practices and policies for today that do not compromise the capacity of future generations to meet their needs.

Gender Justice

LWF Youth call on the Lutheran communion to challenge systems and practices that limit men’s and women’s choices based on gender.

LWF Visibility and the Role of Youth

LWF Youth advocate for improved ways of communicating, decision-making and meeting to facilitate more active youth participation.


  • Youth participation in the LWF and its member churches | Global mapping | LWF Communion Office & all member churches
  • LWF Global Young Reformers Network
  • Online Climate Journey game
  • LWF delegation at the Conference of Parties on Climate Change (COP 19)
  • Young leaders talk about youth participation

LWF Youth within the Communion Office

LWF Youth is a part of DMD programs. The desk also works closely with DTPW’s Ecumenical Relations; International Affairs and Human Rights; Public Theology and Interreligious Relations; and Women in Church and Society programs.

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Caroline Richter, LWF Youth Secretary


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