Young people have a place and a voice in all aspects of church and communion life, including decision making and leadership.

-LWF strategy 2012-2017


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LWF Youth Pre-Assembly

Young Reformers at the World Exhibition of Reformation

LWF Youth Priorities 2010-17

Sustainability | Society, economy and the environment:

LWF Youth promote practices and policies for today that do not compromise the capacity of future generations to meet their needs.

Gender justice:

LWF Youth call on the Lutheran communion to challenge systems and practices that limit men’s and women’s choices based on gender.

LWF visibility and the role of youth:

LWF Youth advocate for improved ways of communicating, decision-making and meeting to facilitate more active youth participation.

LWF Youth Activities in 2017

Promoting communion identity, relatioshionships and Christian unity

Promoting communion identity, relationships and Christian unity     


Witnessing as member churches that are sustainable and relate to the context within which they work

  • Exchange of youth leaders between LWF member churches


Addressing poverty, injustice and human suffering  

  • Climate justice advocacy and climate projects of member churches, focusing on Africa
  • Peace messengers training
  • LWF trainee program in humanitarian work


LWF Youth within the Communion Office

Youth participation is a priority that cuts across all LWF departments. LWF Youth is based within the the Department for Mission and Development but works with all departments. Specific activities are implemented with the desks for ecumenical relations, international affairs and human rights, public theology and interreligious relations, Women in Church and Society and with the department, World Service (peace, climate justice, migration, humanitarian work).

Get Involved

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Caroline Bader, LWF Youth Secretary


3 August 2017
28 July 2017