International NGOs in Myanmar call for protection of refugees

A family in Nget Chaung-2 IDP camp in Pauk Taw, Myanmar. Photo: LWF/ C. Kästner
A family in Nget Chaung-2 IDP camp in Pauk Taw, Myanmar. Photo: LWF/ C. Kästner

Full and equal rights of returnees should be guaranteed

(LWI) - In a statement issued earlier this month International NGOs operating in Rakhine State, Myanmar, including The Lutheran World Federation, World Vision International, Church of Sweden, Oxfam and Care International, call for a guarantee of the rights, safety and protection of returnees who have fled the country.

The INGOs call for protection for refugees "against forced returns to a country where the violence and human rights abuses from which they fled are still ongoing and from which more people continue to flee."

They also call a guarantee of the full and equal rights of returnees. "This includes ensuring full and equal rights to freedom of movement, freedom of religion, freedom of expression and association, rights to work and own land and property, education, including higher education, health care and other basic services."

The statement concludes

"As agencies with a significant presence and long history of support to all communities and local Government in Rakhine State Myanmar, we stand ready to support those who wish to return when it is safe and sustainable for them to do so. We are committed to helping all groups who have been impacted by the recent violence to recover and rebuild their lives and to support all groups who live in Rakhine State to achieve equality, prosperity and peace."

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