Open-Access Public Theology Resources

Equipping Public Theologians for the Common Good

These open-access international public theology resources are aimed at equipping the global church in the work of transformative engagement for the common good.

The lecture series in the open-access resource revolves around the topic of public theology and is the result of cooperation between the Berlin Center for Public Theology in Germany, the Beyers Naudé Center for Public Theology in South Africa, and the Lutheran World Federation. It brings together leading experts from all over the world delivering lectures on different aspects of public theology.

Recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic in various contexts, each lecture contains a presentation (both in video and audio formats) with accompanying slides, additional study material and supplementary reading. The lecture series was first offered to graduate students in Berlin and Stellenbosch; the series is part of the Lutheran World Federation learning modules but is also designed to benefit all students in areas where study material is hard to access and travel is difficult due to lack of funds or opportunities.

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I. Concepts of public theology
  • Session 1: Why public theology? African, European, Asian, American perspectives
    • Introduction:
      • Prof. Dr. Dion Forster, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
      • Rev Dr. Sivin Kit, The Lutheran World Federation, Switzerland
      • Prof. Dr. Torsten Meireis, HU Berlin, Germany
    • Speakers:
      • Rev Dr Hermen Shastri, General Secretary, Council of Churches of Malaysia
      • Prof. Marcia Pally, New York University, USA
      • Prof. Godwin I. Akper, Professor of Systematic Theology, National Open University of Nigeria
      • Bishop Prof Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, Chairperson of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany
  • Session 2: Public theology and biblical exegesis
    • Prof. Dr. Julie Claasens, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
  • Session 3: The 'theology' in public theology
    • Prof. Dr. Dirk Jacobus Smit, Princeton Theological Seminary, USA
  • Session 4: The 'public' in public theology
  • Session 5: Public Theology in an Islamic Perspective
    • Prof. Dr. Aslam Fataar, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
  • Session 6:  Public Theology and African Theologies of Liberation
    • Prof. Dr. Rothney Tshaka, University of South Africa (Unisa), Pretoria, South Africa
  • Session 7: Public theology, social media and digitalization
    • PD Dr. Frederike van Oorschot, Forschungsstäte der Evangelischen Studiengemeinschaft (FESt), Heidelberg, Germany
  • Session 8: Public theology: contextuality and intercontextuality
    • Prof. Dr. Rudolf von Sinner, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (PUC-PR), Brazil
II. Doing public theology: Issues, agents and practices
  • Session 9: Politics, democracy, civil society in a globalized world
  • Session 10: Creation and sustainable development
    • Prof. Dr. Jonathan Kivatsi Kavusa, Université Libre des Pays des Grands Lacs (ULPGL-Goma), DR Congo
    • Dr. Clemens Wustmans, Berlin Center for Public Theology, HU Berlin, Germany
  • Session 11: Ways of life and human rights
    • Prof. Dr. Nico Koopman, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
  • Session 12: Science, learning, and faith
    • Prof. Dr. Dion Forster, Beyers Naudé Center of Public Theology, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
  • Session 13: Blessed are the Peacemakers
    • Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, Bethlehem Bible College, Palestine/Israel
  • Session 14: Gender and sexuality
  • Session 15: Faith actors in civil society: between civil commitment and resistance
  • Session 16: Local Faith Communities - Religious Leaders: Public Appearance and Leadership
    • Prof. Dr. Kung Lap Yan, Divinity School of Chung Chi College, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Session 17: Education, agency and the public
  • Session 18: Voicing international issues: public theology on an international scale
  • Session 19: Prosperity, work and economics
    • Prof . Dr. Piet Naude, University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa
III. Conclusion
  • Session 20: Approaches to public theology: a conversation on doing public theology
    • Moderator:
      • Rev Dr. Sivin Kit, The Lutheran World Federation, Switzerland
      • Conversation I
        • Rev. Dr. Seferosa Carroll, WCC, Geneva, Switzerland
        • Prof. Dr. Sebastian Switzerlandang Hwan Kim, Fuller Theological Seminary, USA
        • Prof. Dr. Nico Koopman, StellenbosSwitzerland University, South Africa
        • RESOURCES:
      • Conversation II
        • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Huber, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
        • Prof. Dr. Esther Mcintosh, York St. John University, UK
        • RESOURCES:

If you would like to receive the original video and audio files of each session, plus further reading material, please email Rev. Dr Sivin Kit.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in these sessions do not necessarily reflect the official policy or positions of the LWF