Financial Accountability

In 2019, the LWF spent 91 percent of its total operating expenses in initiatives that directly benefited people confronted with varying humanitarian need, and in strengthening the churches’ capacity for holistic mission.

LWF Finances

In 2019 LWF total income was EUR 168 million, which was EUR 18 million or 12 percent higher than the previous year.

The LWF spent EUR 152 million to implement its programs and projects around the world. The overall annual expenditure grew from EUR 145 million in 2018, representing a seven percent increase. This growth was mainly driven by more designated funding to LWF’s humanitarian response, revenue

from expanded patient services provided by the Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH) in East Jerusalem, and additional funding for mission related work.


LWF Annual Report 2019 - Income


LWF Annual Report 2019 - Expenditure

Donations and Payments

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Expenditures allocated in accordance with ZEWO classification (standard 9)

Expenditures allocated in accordance with ZEWO classification (standard 9)


The LWF is committed to responsible and accountable Christian stewardship in managing the funds entrusted to it. Assets are invested according to ethical and social criteria. We pledge accountability in the use of membership fees. We seek unrestricted revenue sources alongside on-going fundraising. We work towards a budget and operational plan that is balanced and sustainable.

Management and Control

The LWF operates in many difficult countries and is exposed to various financial risks that could adversely affect our financial results and performance. Risks are managed through an internal control system as per Swiss regulations.


Auditor's report 2019 - summary

LWF Endowment Fund

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Our Endowment Fund provides extra support for LWF activities over the long-term.

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