Prophetic diakonia. Sustainability. Illegitimate debt. Ecological justice. HIV and AIDS. Women and gender justice.

Opportunities for Holistic Mission

Each member church in the Lutheran communion in Latin America and the Caribbean is engaged in holistic mission: preaching the Gospel, serving their communities and advocating for the marginalized.

Given the poverty in the region, LWF member churches continue to nurture their communion relationships to learn together how to enhance these practices.

Challenges of Holistic Mission

Smaller and disadvantaged churches in particular face serious problems developing their holistic mission.  

There is a growing need for training in disaster preparedness and response.

Increasing secularism and a loss of interest in faith among youth, who face education and employment concerns, are increasing challenges.

Communion Relationships

The region’s annual leadership conference offers opportunities for church leaders to connect with one another, strengthen church practices and accompany each other in mission.

The promotion of the full participation of women and youth allows the churches better to organize and develop their agendas.

The HIV and Aids Network coordinates efforts around this issue in the region.

Minority Church Context 

Lutheran churches in most of the countries in the region are minority churches.  

DMD Programs

  • Illegitimate Debt and Ecological Justice | building advocacy capacity | ecological justice and debt | publication on debt and financial crisis
  • Sustainability of the Churches Program | seven churches | sustainability as part of theological formation


Women and Gender Justice Network

Women theologians in the region collaborate with the Women in Church and Society (WICAS) network coordinated by the Department for Theology and Public Witness.

HIV and AIDS Network

The region’s HIV and AIDS Network is coordinated by leaders from the member churches.

LWF LAC sub-site


LWF Vice-President

Rev. Dr Nestor Friedrich, President, Evangelical Church of the Lutheran Confession in Brazil

Get Involved

  • Volunteer for diakonia, including disaster response and other ministries.
  • Become an intern, working with children, youth, women, or those on the margins of society.
  • Support member church projects through visits, building programs, agriculture efforts or youth projects.
  • Join networks with churches in other parts of the world to work together on theology or diaconal issues such as HIV and AIDS.
  • Take a sabbatical and work as a theologian or scholar in one of the communion’s seminaries or church schools.


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