A long road of recovery

5 years after the 12 January Earthquake, more than 80 000 people are still displaced in camps. 100,000 children under 5 suffer from acute malnutrition. Haiti is the poorest country in the northern hemisphere. 2,5 mill people live in extreme poverty and about 6 mill people live on less than 2,5 USD / day. In rural areas, almost 90% live below the poverty level and basic social services are practically non-existent.

Shocks by climate change threaten more than  half a million Haitians each year. Destroyed crops, deforestation and the use of wood to make charcoal are damaging the nation’s fragile eco-system.

Cholera remains an emergency. More than 800,00 have been infected since October 2010 and almost 9000 have died.

What we’re doing in Haiti

LWF Haiti has contributed to the reconstruction of Haiti. An example is the Model Village in Gressier, with new 150 houses plus 30 houses constructed in the old village. These houses are built according to the principle of “Building back better”. In this project, LWF has partnered with the Haitian government, local authorities and civil society

As the work continues to rebuild following the 2010 earthquake, the LWF has partnered with the Haitian government, local authorities and civil society to develop models of “building back better.”

Through local partners, we support micro loans to women to develop their own livelihoods. Other related work includes reforestation and food production.


Last updated 12 February 2015

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