Gender Justice

Gender Justice is grounded in the theological concept of men and women, created in God's image as equal in rights and dignity. Gender Justice recognizes and addresses systems and situations of imbalance and injustice, using strategic instruments and capacity building to help transform relationships.

At LWF we work together with our member churches and World Service country programs, developing tools and resources to ensure gender equality at all levels of work and ministry. We do this through awareness raising, action, advocacy and accountability aimed at overcoming discrimination, sexism and violence. Partnering with the United Nations and other secular and faith-based organizations, we have a specific focus on women’s human rights and economic empowerment, as well as the elimination of sexual and gender-based violence in churches and in wider society.

Gender Justice Policy

The Council 2013 approved the LWF Gender Justice Policy. The 2009 LWF faith reflection on gender and power, and inclusivity and gender justice resolutions of the Eleventh Assembly in 2010 laid the foundation for this important tool. The gender policy will assist the communion to achieve equality between women and men by implementing measures that promote justice and dignity.

The Policy in practice

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