Economic challenges for rural poor

As Burundi continues to recover from civil unrest, the country’s peace remains fragile. Political instability is an ongoing issue, and economic challenges loom following the 15-year conflict.

Burundi is at the bottom of the United Nations Development Programme’s human development index, and is considered one of the poorest countries in the world.  The country is one of the most densely populated in Africa, with one of the highest population growth rates globally at over 3.5 percent per year. The people face significant land shortages, which poses a serious threat to a rural population that mostly relies on subsistence agriculture for survival.

What we’re doing in Burundi

Present in Burundi since 2006, LWF responds to the humanitarian crisis hitting the country by helping IDPs, local communities and returnees, promoting the integration of vulnerable persons and empowering young people.

In 2018, the program enabled 28,482 persons to access education and vocational training as well than gaining a livelihood. At the same time, activities for social cohesion and conflict prevention help ensure the sustainability of these achievements.

Recent projects include:

• Community capacity building project in 11 hills in the provinces of Cankuzo and Ruyigi

• Youth empowerment project - HAGURUKA

• Campaign against Malaria in the East of the country

• Project to strengthen the resilience of returnees; vulnerable and marginalized people

• Youth capacity building and empowerment

• Sustainable agricultural development

Updated 16.1.2020


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