Rebuilding after decades of war

Since the 27-year civil war ended in 2002, the people of Angola have worked to rebuild their nation and resettle close to 5 million people who fled the conflict. As the LWF, we are proud to be the longest serving international NGO in the country since establishing relief operations in 1986.

While peace over the past decade has increased opportunities for national development, our priority in eastern Angola is to ensure that the poor and most vulnerable are able to fully realize their most basic rights.

What we’re doing in Angola

One of the most promising aspects of the LWF’s work is the long-term success found in creating village development committees.

Starting in 2006 – when no committees existed at the village level in LWF areas – we began diligently working to organize communities to take responsibility for their own livelihoods and food security.

We facilitate opportunities for farmers’ associations to access government micro-credit schemes and agricultural resources by creating connections between village committees and the local government. In addition, we train communities in new farming techniques, vegetable gardening, and small business practices.

We also combine this effort with literacy training and are proud that the majority of our literacy students are women.


Video: the work of the LWF to combat land-grabbing in Angola