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LWF on the move - keep up to date with the new LWF youth app, Young Reformers
LWF on the move - keep up to date with the new LWF youth app, Young Reformers

Can you imagine carrying the LWF in your pocket? Or being connected to Lutherans around the world while waiting for the bus, getting ready for a youth meeting, sitting at home or being on the road somewhere far away?

Now, the LWF can be with you every day.

With social network Goodwall, we’ve developed the first LWF-specific app, Young Reformers.

Once you’ve logged in through Facebook or email, you can enter the app to post under your profile or directly on the Young Reformers wall.

Imagine the possibilities. You could record a video of a song or the sermon you heard at worship and share with other Christians. You could photograph your project visit in a rural area and share with others for feedback. You could share a story or biblical reflection and hear what others have to say about it. You could start an event or project and invite others to become part of it - offline or online.

We know global connectivity is growing rapidly. The young generation of our member churches are pioneers when it comes to creating digital Christian communion. The LWF goes where the people are. Young people use their smart phones to network and spend social time online. In this way, the work of the Lutheran Communion is complemented with a vibrant and evolving online community of young reformers.

Young Reformers – available for free on Android or iPhones

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