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As a communion, we are journeying towards the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation in 2017.

Liberated by God’s Grace.

As Christians liberated by God’s grace, we are free. Free to love and serve our neighbor, free to be a responsible citizen in the world and free to be a good steward of God’s creation.

Salvation – Not for Sale

Salvation is God’s free gift— this is the central message of the doctrine of justification. It expresses a clear critique of concepts that treat salvation as a commodity on the “religious market.”

Human beings – Not for Sale

Every person is created in the image of God and must be fully respected in her/his dignity and integrity. Practices that create or increase poverty need to be critically addressed by churches.

Creation – Not for Sale

Nature has to be fully respected and protected as God’s good creation, entrusted to human care. It cannot be subject to exploitative human domination nor can its resources be exploited as commodities.


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Church leaders, ecumenical officers and Reformation 500 coordinators are the driving force in this three-year journey.

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Lutheran reformation today is a global citizen. The evangelical insight has been embraced in different regions, situations and epochs, every one of them giving its own contribution


Lutheran reformation today is about responding together with Christians of other church traditions to the calling of Jesus Christ


Lutheran reformation today is a global citizen. The evangelical insight has been embraced in different regions, situations and epochs, every one of them giving its own contribution

Lutheran reformation today is being “in reformation” – churches are called to be open to constant renewal and to seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance in the face of contemporary challenges


Strengthen the LWF communion

We want our member churches to recognize the mutuality of being part of a global Lutheran communion and to get involved in regional and global preparations for Reformation 2017.

Deepen understanding of what it means to be Lutheran

We want our member churches to think and talk about how to be Lutheran churches in ongoing reformation in their current contexts.

Strengthen our ecumenical commitment

We want to explore with other Christian World Communions our calling in the world today and how we can respond together.

Reaffirm our commitment to justice and peace

We want our member churches to become a part of joint diaconal and advocacy efforts and to work actively for justice and peace.  


Reformation 2017 starts now. Find out what the LWF is planning in 2015-2017 and watch for the launch of the Reformation 2017 website! 


Reformation 2017 website

The go-to web address for member churches to share plans for commemorating the anniversary and get ideas for activities at the local level.

Reformation website

Reformation booklets

Study materials written by authors from all LWF regions for use by member churches and others in the communion to explore the Reformation 2017 theme and sub-themes. Reformation booklets

Publication from interfaith conference

LWF interfaith conference presentations on the understanding of reform and renewal in Christian, Jewish and Muslim traditions.                      

Marangu 60th anniversary

Key regional event within the Reformation 2017 framework celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first meeting of all African Lutheran church leaders.        

Report from the LWF Task Force on Mennonite Action

June 2015 | Results of follow-up of the Mennonite reconciliation action in 2010 with theological contributions on the hermeneutics of Lutheran confessions, and best practices of cooperation between Mennonite and Lutheran congregations.

Report from communion self-understanding process

June 2015 | Results of the working group looking at questions of what it means to be a part of the worldwide Lutheran family and what forms communion takes.

Global Young Reformers Network conference

August 2015 | International conference in Wittenberg laying the groundwork for the development of local Living Reformation projects.

Liberated by God’s grace - Theology after the Reformation conference

October 2015 | Global, ecumenical event to mark the start of the LWF three-year Reformation anniversary cycle of the Reformation Anniversary by bringing together the expertise of different DTPW programs.  

Online Lutheran theology course

November-December 2015 | Online introductory course on the core principles and contemporary questions of Lutheran theology in different contexts, taught by Lutheran professors from all seven LWF regions. 

Joint Roman Catholic-Lutheran liturgical materials

Advent 2015 | Liturgical materials for ecumenical commemorations of the Reformation Anniversary with Roman Catholic partners.         

Women on the Move

Throughout 2015 | Gathering of stories and contributions for the project Women on the Move from Wittenberg to Windhoek: Ongoing Reformation project for publication on Reformation Day 2016.

Member church projects

Throughout 2015 | Implementation of small-scale member church projects related to Reformation 2017 themes.


LWF hermeneutics workshop

13-16 June 2016 | Three day workshop to harvest the fruits of the LWF hermeneutics process and prepare a statement on Lutheran biblical interpretation

LWF Council 2016 in Wittenberg

16-21 June 2016 | The Council will discuss a number of important items related to Reformation 2017. During the meeting, the Luther Garden, initiated by the German National Committee, will be handed over to the public.                       

Women on the Move publication

Reformation Day 2016 | LWF women theologians networks will publish contributions on women in theology and stories of women reformers.              

Anglican-Lutheran study material

Advent 2016 | Material for congregations on the main theme of Reformation 2017, “Liberated by God’s Grace,” will be published.  

Living Reformation projects

Throughout 2016 | Members of the Global Young Reformers Network will launch Living Reformation projects based on ideas from the Wittenberg conference in 2015. 


LWF Twelfth Assembly

10-16 May 2017 | Main global LWF event commemorating the Reformation anniversary with the outcome of LWF programs, processes and global dialogues looking at what it means to be Lutheran 500 years later.   

Reformation 2017 website

31 October 2017 | Virtual transmission of Reformation Day celebrations from all around the globe in 24-hour sequence.

Reformation website


Reflect. Connect. Act.

Young people in the LWF are agents of ongoing r(R)eformation.

The Global Young Reformers Network wants to empower young people to engage in all aspects of church and communion life.

The network is discussing Lutheran identity, creating space to share hopes and dreams, and equipping young people to act boldly in faith, grounded in Scripture.

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