Visual Identity

The LWF logo is a re-interpretation of Martin Luther’s seal—also known as the Luther rose.

Each of the main elements in the new logo—the cross, the ring/circle, the rose, the dove and the hand—speak to what we as a communion of churches are and what we see our mission to be.

Dove | In the new visual identity, proclamation is symbolized by the double function of the dove, with a leaf on its beak to recall its proclamation of the end of judgment in Noah’s day but also as representing the Holy Spirit, whose power works in proclaiming the Word.

Cross | The cross represents the content of our proclamation while at the same time reflecting the challenges of advocacy before us.

Hand | The hand represents the work we are called to; our work of diakonia.

Branch | The green branch carried by the dove represents the reconciliation that we promote through advocacy and dialogue. It also represents the stewardship for creation that we are called to as God’s people.

The new LWF visual identity has kept blue as its base color. Blue is the color of calmness and strength. It represents eternal hope and heaven from which Christ descended. It also represents water, which is where our Christian faith through baptism is offered us by the grace of God.

The color green denotes life, growth, renewal and our compassion and care for creation.

The logo typeface - the name of the LWF and the font used - is clean and bold to underline the fact that the LWF has both clarity of purpose and a mission that we want to clearly communicate.

The clean typeface balances the intricate symbolism of the logo. By this balance between logo and typeface we want to visually express that we carry a wonderful strong history and identity, which embolden us to carry out our mission with clarity of purpose.




LWF Logo & Visual Identity Guidelines

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Theological dimensions of the new visual identity (PDF):
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