State-Church transformation. Global diakonia. Community diakonia and advocacy. Theological dialogue.

Opportunities for Holistic Mission

The Lutheran communion in the Nordic region works to develop responses to the socioeconomic crisis in Europe. Its holistic mission efforts focus on diakonia and advocacy in the midst of an increasingly multicultural context. The LWF churches in the region learn from one another’s practices and from those of churches throughout Europe.

Youth bring skills and enthusiasm to holistic mission work in the region.

Challenges of Holistic Mission

Some Nordic churches are challenged by the recent separation of church and State, by the plurality of religions and ideologies now found in the region and by growing secularization. 

Communion Relationships

Communion relationships are important as Nordic churches seek to strengthen the LWF’s engagement in the region amid different understandings of what global communion means in separate European contexts. For these reasons, networking with the Central Western European and Central Eastern European regions takes top priority. 

The Lutheran churches in the Nordic region also uphold strong ecumenical relations within the Nordic context.

Minority Church Context 

The Evangelical Lutheran Free Church of Norway is one small church in the region.

LWF Vice-President

Archbishop Dr Antje Jackelén, Church of Sweden

European Diaconal Process

“Seeking conviviality. Re-forming community diakonia in Europe” is working on theological formation and preparing for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017.

European Diaconal Process

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