Possibilities for peace

The marked political progress witnessed in Myanmar over the past several years has created new opportunities for a more open and democratic society. Yet such progress must be balanced against the reality of 60 years of military rule still shaping the mindset of the government and the country’s citizens.

In addition, long-standing ethnic tensions continue to erupt in violence, and hundreds of thousands of political and economic refugees remain outside the country.

What we’re doing in Myanmar

As the people of Myanmar rebuild and strengthen their country, the LWF focuses our community-based efforts on emergency response, livelihood and food security, water sanitation and hygiene, disaster risk reduction, and human rights.

When natural and human-made disasters strike, we rely on participatory processes to address vulnerable communities’ basic needs. As we partner with communities to sustainably develop, we help them learn new skills and advocate for improved services and livelihood opportunities.

Community-based field staff helps facilitate interest groups around common concerns including community organization, health, education, agriculture, natural resources, and climate change adaptation. We also partner with like-minded organizations to advocate for pro-poor and rights-based policy change.

Help us make a difference in the lives of people in need in Myanmar and other places throughout the world.