Our member churches work at hands-on solutions to the pressing issues in their own contexts.

Each year the LWF coordinates a program of nearly 4 million EUR supporting member church projects in all seven regions of the communion.

Support for member church projects is an integral part of our programmatic work. What happens in one area informs the other.

Kinds of Project Work

We support projects that:

  • Build churches’ capacity to serve people in need
  • Advocate for justice and human rights together with ecumenical partners, civil society actors, and marginalized and vulnerable people
  • Develop transformative leadership and good governance practices
  • Promote gender justice and equal participation of women, men and youth
  • Develop theological competencies
  • Strengthen relationships among member churches

Funding support comes from a number of partners, including church-related agencies. Each member church with a project is asked to make a small contribution as well.



Meshgeda Sike Integrated Community-based Development Project

The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus is building bridges out of poverty in Meshegeda Sike in south-central Ethiopia.

Sustainable livelihoods, better health, and a stop to harmful traditional practices such as female genital mutilation are core aims of this project.

Learn how this LWF member church is serving people in need.

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