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The LWF’s work related to Communion building is now implemented across different programs of Churches in Mission.

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Women’s empowerment. Gender perspectives. Youth participation.


This program emphasizes relationship-building, the nurturing of Lutheran identities, and encourages mutual learning among members. As such, we offer a number of ways for our members to strengthen networks and building relations.

Through communion building, we support churches in conflict mediation, peace building, crisis management and pastoral care. And through workshops, trainings and consultations on thematic reflections, we promote communication of information between member churches. By doing so, churches grow together as a communion and support the LWF vision to live and work together for a just, peaceful and reconciled world.

This program includes nurturing and furthering Lutheran contextual identities, mutually learning from each other, building relationships among members with trust, respect for, and accountability to each other.

Focus is given to ways member churches can learn from each other across the regions and the globe. Area secretaries facilitate processes of learning with the aim of growing together as a communion and support of the LWF vision to live and work together for a just, peaceful and reconciled world. The main role of the area secretaries is to facilitate relationships, offer accompaniment, and be coordinators between the national, regional and global level.

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