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Opportunities for Holistic Mission

The Lutheran communion in Central Western Europe bears witness to its holistic mission in secular and pluralistic societies, positioning itself as an equal actor among others in civil society. It brings Christian values into the dialogue on the sustainability of European society, particularly concerning economic, social and environmental challenges. LWF member churches bring the expertise and commitment of youth into this debate.

The region has a strong commitment to communion relationships, working to see how its commitment to LWF programs can remain relevant to the area, while maintaining close relations to sister churches in Central Eastern Europe.

Challenges of Holistic Mission

The economic crisis poses questions for the Lutheran communion across Europe around how to share resources, act in solidarity with sister churches and work together as a communion on the continent.

A special challenge is networking among smaller non-German member churches in the region to bring their interests and challenges to the common agenda.

Communion Relationships

Relationships in the Central Western European region are being strengthened in three ways:

  • Regular meetings of the German National Committee and its sub-committees
  • Renewal of the network of smaller Western European churches
  • Thematic processes like the European Diaconal Process “Seeking conviviality. Re-forming community diakonia in Europe”

Minority Church Context 

In Western Europe, all member churches outside Germany are minority churches. There are also smaller churches in Germany.

One church with small membership on a global level has its headquarters in Western Europe - The Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church abroad.


LWF Vice-President

Pröpstin Astrid Kleist, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northern Germany

European Diaconal Process

“Seeking conviviality. Re-forming community diakonia in Europe” is working on theological formation and preparing for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017.

European Diaconal Process


LWF Center Wittenberg

The LWF Center Wittenberg offers a pivotal LWF presence in the historic city of Wittenberg, Germany, site of the Reformation in 1517.

LWF Center Wittenberg

Get Involved

Participate in the European diaconal process locally or nationally.


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