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Opportunities for Holistic Mission

The Lutheran Communion in Central Eastern Europe engages in its holistic mission and the strengthening of communion relationships in the context of post-communist societies.

It positions itself as one of the shapers of a European community that is pluralistic and socially and economically sustainable. Member churches are involved in building up democratic church structures as a way of empowering church members to lead in church and in society.

Challenges of Holistic Mission

As a regional expression of the LWF, the Lutheran communion in Central Eastern Europe works to shape LWF programs and themes according to the burning demands of the region – socio-economic issues and post-modernity.  

Viewing the financial crisis as a moral one, member churches exchange ideas on how to wrestle with economic challenges and work together as a communion.  Through regular regional encounters, relations between churches will deepen and it will become easier to coordinate joint action on key issues.

Including women in church leadership roles remains a challenge.  

Lay and youth often find themselves outside of the churches’ power structures. Further support is needed so that youth will be taken seriously in the work of LWF.         

Communion Relationships

The 2012 European Church Leadership Consultation underlined the importance of strengthening exchange and cooperation at the pan-European level.

LWF Vice-President

Archbishop Urmas Viilma, Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church

European Diaconal Process

“Seeking conviviality. Re-forming community diakonia in Europe” is working on theological formation and preparing for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017.

European Diaconal Process

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