Exploring diverse expressions and spirituality of Lutherans today

On the first Wednesday of each month, you are invited to participate in "Being Lutheran", an online gathering for people across the global Lutheran communion. This is an opportunity to connect with Lutheran sisters and brothers and engage in theological reflection about contemporary issues accross the communion.

Lutheran Identities

In this series, we will explore themes that emerged from a 2019 consultation in Addis Ababa, and explore the creative, vibrant, life-giving diversity of what it means to be Lutheran today. Each month will begin with a moment of prayer and spiritual reflection. We will welcome a speaker to present a topic, then break out for small group reflection and communion building.


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1 July 2020

Webinar 1

Theme: How we can perceive God's work in the world around us, and experience that presence of the Holy Spirit as a gift and a promise


  • Professor Niels Henrik Gregersen, from the University of Copenhagen
  • Rev. Dr Beverly Wallace, Associate Professor of Congregational and Community Care, Luther Seminary

5 August 2020

Webinar 2

Theme: Forming and Informing: We will explore the importance of a transformative relationship between theological education and the spirituality of life together, as we cultivate faith.


  • Rev. Marcia Blasi, Faculdades EST, Brazil
  • Sister Nicole Grochowina, Communität Christusbruderschaft Selbitz

2 September 2020

Webinar 3

Theme: Our Indigenous and Lutheran traditions.


  • Rev. Rebecca Maduli Kurubai, Maasai pastor and doctoral candidate at Tumaini University Makumira, Tanzania
  • Ms Risten Turi Aleksandersen, General Secretary of the Sami Church Council
  • Rev. Joann Conroy, President of the American Indian and Alaska Native Lutheran Association, Lakota Sioux Nation


7 October 2020

Webinar 4

Theme: Spirituality: the real presence of God’s Spirit in word, sacraments, liturgy as performative theology and dialogical aesthetics, and a dive into mysticism as part of the Lutheran tradition.


  • Rev. Dr Kirsi Stjerna, California Lutheran University

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