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Project name : Advocacy Program

Project holder : Bangladesh Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church

Summary :

The Santal people are one of the most vulnerable ethnic minority groups in Bangladesh, often victim of everyday exploitation and discrimination. Low access to education and lack of employment lead to a downward spiral of poverty and marginalization.

With support from LWF, the BNELC aims to improve life for the Santali people by helping them get better organized and to advocate for their rights more effectively (see picture 1). It also provides legal and humanitarian assistance to victims of violence.

The project has a strong focus on youth empowerment and has engaged 20 youth volunteers to engage in training and educational support for children. This year, more than 200 children have taken part in literacy training (picture 2).

Picture 1: Helping Santali people get better organized and to advocate for their rights more effectively

Picture 2: Youth empowerment through literacy training

Project name : Promoting Eco-Theology as a Pioneer Project for Lutheran Churches in Indonesia

Project holder : The Indonesian Christian Church

Summary :

"Over the past years, Indonesia has faced increasing environmental issues associated with high population density and industrialisation. HKI church is addressing this growing problem through Ecotheology, a theology that acknowledges that an understanding of God’s relationship to the world will affect us as a part of Creation and that a relationship exists between human religious/spiritual worldviews and the degradation of nature.

With this project, HKI advocates toward the government and the church itself on the importance of ecology and recycling. It also empowers local women to create alternative income sources from garbage collection and processing. As a result, Eco-theology is becoming more and more common within the church and in some public spaces, inspiring new projects and profiling the HKI as a partner for governmental programs and for other churches. LWF is supporting this project since 2018.

Project name : Training of Lay Leaders

Project holder : Myanmar Lutheran Church

Summary :

The project has addressed the issue of lack of pastoral care in rural congregations. In many villages, residents are unable to employ full-time pastors so they rely on lay leaders. Moreover, many young people wish to study theology and mission but their parents cannot afford the cost of studies. This project has trained leaders in theology, community-building and organic farming. Lay leaders are supported to take up voluntary pastoral positions in villages where there are no resident pastors and to help meet the needs of the village congregations holistically.

Other Projects:

Project name Project holder
Training of Lay Leaders for Village Congregations MLC

Project name : School operations

Project holder : The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land

Summary :

Through this project, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land aims to integrate peace, cultural respect, democracy and gender justice into the pedagogical framework of five educational institutions over the West Bank. In doing so, the objective is to develop dialogue and teach non-violence, as well as holistic thinking among students. The Lutheran educational system is a model for public and private schools in Palestine. It stands out in terms of administrative structure, democratic processes and its coeducational approach. Since their creation, ELCJHL schools have served the youth of their communities, regardless of gender, race, religion, or ability to pay. It accounts for not only academic growth but also social, emotional, psychological, physical, artistic and spiritual needs. Gender balance and equality is a strong emphasis of the ELCJHL Schools, with all schools learning together in a co-educational framework in which 44 percent of students are female.

Picture: Integrating peace, cultural respect, democracy and gender justice into the pedagogical framework of five educational institutions over the West Bank

Country Project name Project holder
India Lutheran Youth Volunteer Movement UELCI
Building a Communicating Communion UELCI
HIV & AIDS Awareness, Care, and Capacity Building Program UELCI
Women empowerment UELCI
Women Initiatives AELC
Diakonia Program JELC
Tribal People's Empowerment and Sustainable Livelihood Project GSELC
Community Based Detoxification and Rehabilitation ELC-MP
Indonesia NK Accompaniment of MCs in Indonesia
Good governance & empowering youth & women GKPM
Empowerment of Pastors, Elders, Sunday School Teachers, and Co-church workers in Holistic Mission GKPPD
Country Project name Project holder Project duration
Bangladesh Indigenous Women Empowerment Bangladesh Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church 2016 - 2018