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Opportunities and Challenges of Holistic Mission

The Lutheran communion in Asia region works through a variety of networks on its holistic mission in the challenging context of ethnic, cultural and social diversity. There are many small and struggling churches with limited capacity. The lack of financial resources hampers the engagement of some member churches on their diaconal efforts, particularly those located in less accessible areas.  

Communion Relationships

In recent times, the Lutheran communion in Asia has been strengthened in its collaborative holistic mission efforts by learning and sharing together.  

The common search for and development of an Asian Lutheran identity has forged strong ties between member churches, which has further developed the communion into a close-knit fellowship.

The formation of fora and networks is the newest strategy to facilitate mutual accompaniment, especially of smaller churches. The latter receive more focused support from the LWF’s Asia Desk and from mission partners.

Minority Church Context 

There are minority churches across the region in tribal settings, mainly in India among the Dalits and Adivasi, and in the Mekong region of Myanmar.

Networks & Partnerships 

Asia Church Leadership Conference

The Asia Church Leadership Conference (ACLC) links leaders and their churches to promote fellowship and collaboration in holistic mission and ministry.

Network of Lutheran Theological Institutes of Asia

The network of Lutheran Theological Institutes of Asia (Neltia) provides theological leadership to help churches develop courses on holistic mission and Lutheran identity in changing times.

Mekong Mission Forum (MMF)

The Mekong Mission Forum (MMF) provides opportunity for holistic mission efforts in Cambodia and Myanmar, where there are small churches with contextual challenges who are committed to diaconal ministries.  

Network of West Asia Lutheran Churches

The collaborative forum West Asia Lutheran Churches (WeSALUC) is the newest holistic initiative in the region, including member churches from Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, supported by the 12-member United Evangelical Lutheran Churches of India.  

  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bavaria/Mission Oneworld
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of America/Global Mission
  • Finland Evangelical Lutheran Mission

These partners have heavily invested in building the capacity of member churches in the Lutheran communion in Asia, particularly in the Mekong region, in holistic mission and theological formation and reflection.

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