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A refugee from Central African Republic is a trainee, as part of a vocational training effort by LWF World Service programme in the Borgop refugee camp, Cameroon. Photo: LWF/Albin Hillert

Endowment Fund

Children demonstrate hand washing at Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya. Photo: LWF/P. Omagwa

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Nursing school student training at the United Methodist University campus, in Nimba county, Liberia. Photo: LWF/Albin Hillert


Support the LWF response to the conflict in Sudan ❯

Thousands flee the conflict in Sudan every day, seeking shelter in neighboring countries. LWF provides humanitarian aid to Sudanese refugees in the border areas of Chad, Ethiopia and South Sudan.

Support people and churches of Ukraine ❯

LWF is calling for donations to support the churches and people of Ukraine, who are fleeing their homes and seeking shelter, basic necessities such as food and water, following Russia’s military invasion of the country.

Support COVID-19 response ❯

Your donation helps us prevent another crisis, which could have a devastating effect on the people we support. Your funds will only be used for COVID-19 response.

Regular Campaigns

Gift of faith ❯

Support the LWF in our mission to help individuals and communities. Your contribution will be used where it is most needed.

Support humanitarian and development projects ❯

Help LWF World Service in our mission to empower people around the world. We will use your contribution where the needs are most urgent.

Support member churches ❯

Your donation enables LWF to support projects that strengthen churches’ capacity to serve people in need.

Support theology projects >

Help LWF in our mission to support projects and processes that strengthen the theological capacity of member churches and theological institutions around the world.

Invest in the Future ❯

Help the LWF continue making a difference in people's lives long into the future through the Endowment Fund. Your donation assures a strong, long-term future for the worldwide Lutheran communion.

Invoice settlement

Settle an invoice with the LWF, pay the membership fee for your church, the Assembly fee, or any other referenced invoice.

Payment options

Use our online Payments tool

Payments ❯

Please leave a message with the payment reference in the form or send an email to
Settle your invoices via Check, transfer or Internet banking

LWF Bank accounts

UBS Europe SE

Postfach 102042
D- 60020 Frankfurt am Main

  • BLZ 502 200 85
  • Account: 2057091015
  • IBAN: DE21 5022 0085 2057 0910 15



Rue des Noirettes 35
Case Postale 2600
CH-1211 Geneva 2

  • Account: 240-327070.61W
  • IBAN: CH13 0024 0240 3270 7061 W
  • Account: 240-327070.60Z
  • IBAN: CH13 0024 0240 3270 7060 Z
  • Account: 240-327070.00D
  • IBAN: CH35 0024 0240 3270 7000 D

Send a check payable to

The Lutheran World Federation

150, route de Ferney
P.O. Box 2100
CH-1211 Geneva 2

Support the LWF through one of our related agencies worldwide, indicating that the donation is for the LWF

Financial Accountability

Find more information on the LWF finances.

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