To be Lutheran is to be ecumenical. We are committed to the quest for visible unity of the Church.

Ecumenical Dialogues

To be Lutheran is to be ecumenical. We are committed to the quest for visible unity of the Church.

Empowered by Jesus’ prayer in the book of John “that all of them may be one ... so that the world may believe,” we act as the instrument of Lutheran churches in global ecumenical dialogues.

We work to become a better steward of God’s creation in the world together with other Christians.

For us, Christian ecumenism is not a choice: it is our mission to witness together with and in Christ, and it is a gift we receive from God through the Holy Spirit.

How the work is carried out

The LWF’s ecumenical work is mainly carried out through bilateral dialogues with other Christian traditions. There is also one trilateral dialogue.

We work in close cooperation with the World Council of Churches (WCC), the Global Christian Forum (GCF) and other Christian World Communions.

Dialogues focus on doctrinal or practical dimensions depending on need.

Dialogue committees include representatives of Lutheran churches from different areas to represent the broad Lutheran world. Consensus statements are presented to the LWF Council, which commends them to member churches for study.

Global dialogues contribute to more intensive cooperation at the grassroots level.

Other Relations


The WCC offers an important multilateral ecumenical forum for encounters with other confessional families and wider ecumenical movements.

Other Global Ecumenical

The Global Christian Forum and the annual meeting of the secretaries of Christian World Communions offer platforms for ecumenical cooperation beyond the member churches of the WCC, particularly with Roman Catholics and Evangelicals.


  • Lutheran-Reformed Commission | Document on ecclesiology
  • Lutheran-Orthodox Joint Commission | Plenary meeting on ministry/priesthood | 2014
  • Lutheran-Mennonite-Roman Catholic dialogue | Report on baptism | 2016
  • LWF | Preparation for conversations with the Pentecostal movement
  • Lutheran-Catholic working group | Proposal of joint liturgical material for use by local parishes in preparation for the 500th anniversary of Reformation in 2017 | 2013-2014

LWF Ecumenical Commitments

On-going Individual Dialogues

21 Oct
1991 JDDJ Signed
Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification: Roman Catholic dialogue
Growth in Communion
Report of the Anglican-Lutheran International Working Group, 2000-2002
22 Jul.
2010 "Mennonite Action"
LWF Eleventh Assembly asks Mennonites for forgiveness for past percussions
Diakonia Report
To Love and Serve the Lord (Anglican-Lutheran) published