LWF refugee athlete tells UN to listen to refugees

Olympic athlete and refugee from the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, where the LWF works, Rose Nathike Lokonyen’s story quickly drew the attention of the international participants at the 5th formal consultation on the Global Compact on Refugees when she began to speak.

1 Jun

When water comes to life

Bringing water and life to the Turkana people at Nakururum and Lokwamur in Kenya. #WorldWaterDay Photo: ALWS / H. Wikstrom
Bringing water and life to the Turkana people at Nakururum and Lokwamur in Kenya. #WorldWaterDay Photo: ALWS / H. Wikstrom
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LWF and ecumenical partners link to #WithRefugees solidarity tour

The #WithRefugees World Tour kicks off today with a sports day in the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan. The LWF, WCC and other ecumenical partners are joining hands with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, in raising awareness and campaigning for a better life for refugees.

South Sudan crisis set to become Africa’s largest

Smart Communities in Kenya

Building a future with hope

25 years of LWF’s refugee support at Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya

Few among those fleeing northeast African conflicts to seek refuge in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in northwestern Kenya 25 years ago could have imagined what is now a city would still be here with hundreds of thousands still here fleeing from neighboring countries.

Rose Nathike Lokonyen to speak at Malmö arena

Refugee athlete to give testimony at Ecumenical Commemoration

(LWI) – Olympic athlete and refugee Rose Nathike Lokonyen will be one of the speakers at the Joint Lutheran-Catholic Commemoration in Sweden on 31 October.

At Malmö arena, four people will offer testimonies. One of them is Rose Nathike Lokonyen, a 23-year-old refugee from South Sudan. Rose and her family fled to the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya when she was eight. Since the age of 14, she has been the head of household for five younger siblings.

Kenya’s decision to end refugee hosting will increase risks for thousands

LWF joins call to uphold the rights of refugees

(LWI) – The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) is among non-governmental organizations (NGOs) urging the Kenyan government to reconsider its intention to both close refugee camps in the country and disband its Department for Refugee Affairs.

"If we ever get out of here."

Follow the lives of three refugees in the Kakuma refugee camp, northwest Kenya, in this documentary by the Church of Sweden, If we ever get out of here. What have they fled? What does their everyday life look like? What are their dreams and hopes for the future?

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