Panelists at the 27 March event in the Bundestag. From left to right: Lisa Binder (Bread for the World), Sabine Minninger (Policy Advisor on Climate Change, Bread for the World), Maina Talia (Panelist from Tuvalu), Claudia Roth (German Green Party politician and Bundestag Vice President), Dr. Julia Duchrow (Human Rights Expert, Bread for the World), Sophie Gebreyes (LWF Country Representative in Ethiopia). Photo: Sabine Mininger/BftW
3 Apr
Industrialized nations must ‘honor moral responsibility’ to mitigate effects of climate change in Ethiopia
Diakonia, DWS Ethiopia, Climate, IDP, internally displaced people, Climate Change, drought relief
3 Apr
The devastating effects of climate change and conflict on rural communities in Ethiopia were under the spotlight at the German Parliament during a recent presentation by the LWF representative in...