A digital LWI

Photo: LWF
Photo: LWF

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) information bulletin Lutheran World Information, (LWI) has been published since 1946. During most of that time it has appeared in print format. This changed with advancement in online publishing. In recent years the individual news that make up LWI have first been posted on the LWF website and subsequently compiled into a magazine. Since 2011 the English version is produced only in a digital PDF format, while the German has maintained both the online and printed edition.

In today’s media environment, the goal is a fully digital version of LWI in English and German. The first quarter of this year will mark that change as LWI will be available in a digital format only effective May 2016. At the same time we intend to improve the LWI email newsletter and the website in order to make news more accessible to readers around the world.

Lutheran World Information is and will continue to be an important channel for sharing the work of the LWF and its member churches.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank our devoted readers all over the world. In particular we thank our subscribers in Germany. Your continued support means a lot to us.