Women Pre-Council 2018

Women Pre-Assembly, Windhoek, Namibia, May, 2017. Photo: LWF/Brenda Platero
Women Pre-Assembly, Windhoek, Namibia, May, 2017. Photo: LWF/Brenda Platero


Historically, women of the LWF Council have gathered to build a platform to engage and share wisdom with the Communion work related to women’s network and gender justice.

This is a first meeting of the full new Council (2017-2023), therefore the aim is to share with the participants the achievements and challenges related to the participation of women in leadership and in the ordained ministry; efforts to overcome gender discrimination and gender-based violence and tools for women in leadership positions in the member churches

The Pre-council women will discuss relevant Resolutions made at the Twelfth Assembly, providing some guidance on ways to move forward. The council women are key actors in building bridges between the women in the networks and the decision making body, namely, the LWF Council. A panel open also to men in the Council, will close this program on June 27.

Departments: Department for Theology and Public Witness with the Office of the General Secretary

Program: Women in Church and Society

LWF Women in Church and Society

Twelfth Assembly: Public Statements and Resolution

Council 2018

Invitation Only
All Day
26 June 2018

Ecumenical Center

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Women in Church and Society
women in leadership
faith and women’s empowerment
women's empowerment
LWF General Secretary
LWF General Secretary Martin Junge
General Secretary Martin Junge


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