Women on the Move - From Wittenberg to Windhoek


Women on the Move - From Wittenberg to Windhoek (WMWW) is a movement that coordinates different initiatives developed by the women's networks in the LWF communion to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017.  

In preparation for the celebration of this historic event, an international working group will assemble and plan strategies designed to establish the following thematic areas:

  • The empowerment of women in leadership and decision making
  • The implementation and contextualization process of the Gender Justice Policy
  • Women doing theology
  • Her-stories:  Telling women stories and experiences in the on-going Reformation

By working in collaboration during the first meeting, participants hope to:

  • Establish processes and actions that ensure women are empowered and supported in leadership roles 
  • Propose strategies that ensure that the LWF Gender Justice policy is implemented at all levels of the communion
  • Develop an approach that ensures women theologians receive proper visibility
  • Identify regional/global projects that ultimately create more Her-stories

Department: DTPW

Program: WICAS—women’s empowerment and gender justice

Language:  English

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9:00 am | 22 Feb Welcome Participants are informed about the purpose and expected outcomes of the meeting.
10:00 am | 22 Feb Guided tour in Wittenberg Lunch Stimulate individual and communal imaginations by visiting historical locations.
8:30 am | 23 Feb Devotion: Food and Recipes Celebrate women’s leadership in sharing food and tables.
10:30 am | 23 Feb Panel Discussion: Theological reflections on gender justice and women’s empowerment Panelists will bring elements from her own experience and context to generate theological debate on themes.
2:30 pm | 23 Feb Tour of the Luther's Home Pictures with Katarina; creative encounter with the place and the his/her-story.
8:30 am | 24 Feb Devotion: Oils and Healing Celebrate women’s creativity and power in healing relations, bodies, life.
9:15 am | 24 Feb Her-stories: Experiences Learn and systematize a methodological approach to oral stories and biographies.
2:00 pm | 24 Feb Working in 4 thematic groups Build a framework on each of the thematic area.
8:30 am | 25 Feb Devotion: Clothes and Sewing Celebrate the ability to restore and connect prophetically, togetherness in life and re-created relations.
9:15 am | 25 Feb Creative approach to work plan and methodology Relating to the four themes, the working groups will build a framework for guidance at the regional level.
4 pm | 25 Feb Final agreements and commitments
9:00 AM GMT+02:00
22 February 2015
5:00 PM GMT+02:00
25 February 2015


Toepferstrasse 9
Lutherstadt Wittenberg 06886


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Gender Justice Policy
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