Women on the Move - from Wittenberg to Windhoek (WMWW)

This is a movement celebrating the leadership of women in leadership. In order to plan strategic actions and initiatives to be implemented in the women’s network, a global working group, through the WICAS regional coordination network, is actively leading global and regional initiatives.

This process envisages working on 4 main areas:

  1. Empowerment of women in leadership and decision making: establishing processes and actions to be implemented in the regions and globally so women are empowered and supported to take up leadership positions.
  2. Implementation and contextualization process of the Gender Justice Policy: strategies and actions are proposed to ensure that the LWF Gender Justice Policy is implemented in all level/expressions of the Communion. Capacity building, trainings and translation in regional languages are some actions planned in the regions.
  3. Women doing theology: aiming to develop an approach that makes visible the women theologians’ network and its outcomes - the production of Lutheran women’s theology, feminist theology, with gender justice perspective.
  4. Her-stories – telling women stories and experiences in the on-going Reformation: aiming to establish working groups and processes in the regions, to ensure that the stories are collected and published