The LWF offers a range of theological publications, streamed in two series:

  1. LWF Studies
  2. LWF Documentation

LWF Studies

The LWF Studies series explores contemporary theological issues and challenges. It provides insight into the theological study process of the Lutheran communion that examines questions of scriptural interpretation, inter-religious relations and the role of religion in the public space.

Contributors include Lutheran theologians from around the world, as well as ecumenical and inter-religious partners.

"Engaged theological conversation is of pivotal importance for the life of the global Lutheran communion. Such intercultural theological work contributes substantially to deepening relations within the LWF communion and to understanding with our many global ecumenical partners."
Rev. Dr Martin Junge, LWF General Secretary

LWF Documentation

Hermeneutical insights emerging from the Reformation and the significance of religion in the 21st century – these and other core theological topics for the Lutheran World Federation are discussed in the LWF Documentation series. An annual edition explores theological debates and ecumenical developments from global Lutheran perspectives.

In light of the 500th anniversary of the reformation, increased attention is being paid to critical and constructive theological reflection. The LWF Documentation series provides lively and thought-provoking insights into todays’ intercultural exchange on biblical interpretation and, related to this, into the question as to how theology contributes to the ability to “read” world events.

Theologians from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin and North America explore theological questions from their respective contexts. Renowned writers, scholars and church leaders from different parts of the world write for all those interested in global theology.