COVID-19 update

The first case in South Sudan was officially confirmed in early April. Given the hardship and suffering the people of South Sudan have already undergone for many years and the extremely low availability and capacity of medical facilities, LWF is extremely concerned about the spread of the virus into any part of the country. Refugee camps, protection of civilian sites and collective settlement areas for internally displaced people as well as refugees will be especially vulnerable.

LWF is especially concerned about the refugee camps and settlements in Upper Nile and Unity states.

LWF plans to conduct awareness campaigns and distribute COVID-19 information and education materials. As schools are closed for now, LWF plans to distribute soap and other supplies for good hygiene in the community centres, cooperatives and other community structures we work with.   

Displacement and conflict

South Sudan gained its independence in 2011. The peace deal ended Africa’s longest-running civil war. Soon however, tensions flared up between different parties in South Sudan, culminating in another wave of civil war starting in December 2013. Subsequently, South Sudan has become one of the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis.

LWF South Sudan responds to the crisis through a multi-sectoral approach. In 2018, the country program supported 120,552 persons through child protection, livelihoods and food security, human rights, education and water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH) projects, while offering emergency assistance.

As the 2018 peace agreement is tentatively holding, refugees have started to return to their home communities spontaneously. In a regional approach together with LWF programs in Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia, LWF South Sudan works to facilitate a safe return and re-integration into their home communities.

What we’re doing in South Sudan

The program supports mainly:
• Sudanese refugees and their host communities in the Upper Nile and Unity states
• Vulnerable local communities, IDPs, and returnees in Jonglei and Eastern Equatoria states

• Refugee youth selected from all refugee camps in South Sudan and some urban refugees in Juba for tertiary education scholarship.

South Sudan crisis

Education and child protection

Updated 7. April 2020

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ACT Alliance alert South Sudan floods (November 2019)

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