Understanding the Gift of Communion – A Reader

The articles in this publication reflect on the contemporary understanding of what it means to be a communion of churches.

Members of the working group on the self-understanding of the LWF communion explore the theological significance of the concept of communion and its impact in relation to global dynamics; Lutheran ecclesiological insights in relation to insights during the Reformation; the concept of communion in the LWF’s bilateral dialogues; the importance of linking autonomy and accountability in relations between churches; the meaning of communion in a multireligious context; and the power dynamics between churches.

The authors seek to contribute to the ongoing theological discussion on the self-understanding of the LWF communion.

Based on these reflections and further discussions, a draft statement will be presented to the LWF Council in June 2015 and, if approved, published in October 2015.

Publishers: The Lutheran World Federation

Department: Department for Theology and Public Witness

Authors: Members of the working group on the self-understanding of the communion: Minna Hietamäki; Guillermo Hansen; Allen Jorgenson; Hance A. O. Mwakabana; Elisabeth Parmentier; En Yu Thu.

Publication Date: November 2014

Pages: 108

ISBN: 978-2-940459-38-4

Languages: English

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