Thinking It Over

“Thinking It Over” is a pamphlet series of reflections on theological questions arising for churches of the Lutheran communion.

The short pamphlets address topics as diverse as anger and the church, interfaith economic perspectives and the war in Iraq.

You are encouraged to print, duplicate, translate and use the pamphlets in local settings. 

Publisher: The Lutheran World Federation

Department: Department for Theology and Public Witness

Available in: PDF only

Language: English


#26 Dare We Stay Together as a Communion?

#25 Abusive Sexual Practices: Breaking the Silence in the Church

#24 Responding to Thinking It Over… Issue #23: A Call For Exegesis And Critical Thinking In Africa

#23 Sola Scriptura as a Liberating Principle: Reflections from the Global South

#22 Interfaith Perspectives for Economic Life

#21 An Epiphany of a New Era?

#20 Why Are Earth and God Angry?

#19 The High Cost of Food: Familiar Refrains in a New Crisis

#18 A Lenten Reflection on Need and Nourishment

#17 Human Dignity Comes Before Values

#16 Why a Faith Basis for Human Rights Matters

#15 My God – Your God – Our God? Christians, Muslims and God

#14 Hope Amid Absurdity?

#13 Where Shall we Stand? A Reflection on the War in Iraq

#12 Anger, Dialogue and the Church: Who Sets the Terms?

#11 Lutheran Ethics at the Intersections of God’s One World

#10 Worship in an African Context of Crisis

#9 A “Church for others” in the Midst of Xenophobia

#8 “A Cauldron of Death … and Hope?”

#7 “Pursuing Neighbor-Love Through Business Activity?” 

#6 “Renewing Worship Life: Some Perspectives from Hong Kong”

#5 “The Passion of Jesus the Jew”

#4 “Cruelty: Jesus’ Execution and Two Signposts”

#3 “Interfaith Dialogue or Mission?”

#2 “The Bible – Word of God?”

#1 “Power Politics in Light of the Human Condition”