Rights-Based Approach Local to Global

Annual Report 2016

This report presents the work conducted in 2016 under the Rights-Based Approach Local to Global initiative. This initiative is being implemented in 9 countries, with a focus on human rights and advocacy for marginalized communities.

Portfolio of RBA L2G projects in 2016:

  • Land rights Mozambique – Promoting sustainable livelihoods through supporting land rights of rural smallholders
  • Land rights Angola – Livelihoods, land Rights and UPR
  • Land rights, ethnicity and peace Colombia
  • UPR Myanmar – Human Rights Advocacy via Policy Dialogue
  • UPR East and Horn of Africa – Achieving impact
  • UPR Mozambique – Achieving impact
  • UPR: Nepal – Supporting National Human Rights Commission for the development of a monitoring framework for UPR recommendations; Advocacy on rights of dalits


Department: Department for World Service, Department for Theology and Public Witness, Department for Mission and Development.

Pages: 8

Languages: English

 LWF/C. Kästne