Religious Identity and Renewal in the Twenty-first Century. Jewish, Christian and Muslim Explorations

Religions carry strong visions of renewal and thereby have the potential to trigger dynamics of change in all spheres of human life. Religions have contributed to societal transformation and processes of renewal spark intensive theological debates. The renewal of religious identity is informed by how religious communities interpret their traditions and past, present, and future challenges to themselves, society and the world at large. How do religious communities understand their own resources and criteria for renewal in the twenty-first century? In this publication, Jewish, Christian and Muslim scholars analyze and reflect on the meaning and dynamics of religious renewal and explore the meaning of religious renewal across religious traditions.

Publisher: EVA/LWF

Year: 2015

Editors: Simone Sinn and Michael Reid Trice

ISBN: 978-3-374-04171-8

Pages: 210

Languages: English