Resource: Religion: Help or Hindrance to Development?

Authors from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin and North America reflect on the many ways in which religion has positively influenced development and assess some of religion’s negative aspects that need to be addressed, including the fact that certain religious concepts, institutions and practices inhibit the broader participation of women and young people in society.

Case studies from Costa Rica, Liberia and Zimbabwe provide vivid examples of the positive impact of religion and religious institutions on development such as:

  • encouraging the participation of women and men in peace building, awareness raising and development
  • providing horizons of hope and foster resilience in difficult times
  • providing orientation for communities, particularly in situations of political instability, as well as basic services in the areas of health and education

The essays included in this book were first presented at an international conference on religion and development, organized and hosted by the Lutheran World Federation and Mission EineWelt in 2012 and attended by some seventy academics, heads of churches, development practitioners and agencies.

Publisher: Evangelische Verlangsanstalt/The Lutheran World Federation

Department: Department for Theology and Public Witness

Program: Religion and Development

Editor: Kenneth Mtata

Publication Date: 2013

Pages: 256

Publication series: LWF Documentation

Number in publication series: 58

ISBN: 978-3-374-03772-8

Languages: English

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