“Here I am; for you called me.” - Youth Participation and Leadership in the LWF Member Churches

This resource presents the results of a survey mapping youth participation and leadership conducted in October-November 2013.

The responses from over 80 LWF member churches and from different generations give insights into both the opportunities for and challenges of ensuring successful participation of young Lutherans (up to 30 years of age) in the communion.

From survey responses it is clear that quotas alone are not sufficient. A sense of belonging, sharing, commitment, intergenerational dialogue and many more forms of active engagement need to be fostered.

The publication underlines that young LWF communion members want to be viewed and acknowledged as an integral part of church today.

The publication includes

  • A historical overview of youth participation in the LWF
  • The survey methodology
  • Information about the survey
  • Survey responses
  • Analysis of common understandings and perspectives

Publisher: The Lutheran World Federation

Department: Department for Mission and Development

Programs: Transformative Leadership and Good Governance, Youth

Authors: Caroline Richter, Heidrun Tobler

Editor: Kathy Magnus

Design: Nicole Benz

Date: June 2014

Language: English, German, French, Spanish

Pages:  84

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