With Heart and Mind

“With Heart and Mind” is a pamphlet series of reflections on theological questions arising for churches of the Lutheran communion.

The short pamphlets continue the tradition of thought and dialogue of the “Thinking It Over" series, which addressed topics as diverse as anger and the church, interfaith economic perspectives and the war in Iraq.

You are encouraged to print, duplicate, translate and use the pamphlets in local settings.

Publisher: The Lutheran World Federation

Department: Department for Theology and Public Witness

Available in: PDF only

Language: English


With Heart and Mind #4 | Water—God’s precious gift—Handle with care! | Sabine Hartmann | April 2013 

With Heart and Mind #3 | Religious freedom—a principle worth defending? | Rev. Theresa Haenle

With Heart and Mind #2 | Time to Reflect and Act: HIV and AIDS Prevention in the Church | Rev. Theresa Haenle

With Heart and Mind #1 | Lessons from our Shaken Neighbors in the Middle East and Japan | Martin Lukito Sinaga | March 2011