DWS Complaints Mechanism Policy and Procedure

Responding to complaints from stakeholders is core to the LWF Department for World Service's (DWS) commitment to accountability.

To ensure that this commitment is lived out, the LWF/DWS Complaints Mechanism Policy and Procedure allows all stakeholders to provide feedback and complaints on LWF/DWS work, and to have concerns heard and properly addressed. It defines what a complaint is and the areas of responsibility of DWS staff, as well as detailing how to register, process and investigate a complaint.

Includes directions for DWS associate programs, a word on confidentiality and appendixes with practical tools for managing complaints.

Approved by the LWF Council Committee for World Service in June 2010.

Publisher: The Lutheran World Federation

Department: Department for World Service

Publication Date: June 2010

Pages: 36

Language: English

DWS Complaint Form

The DWS Complaint Form can be used to alert the LWF to an incident or a concern. All information shall be held securely and confidentiality shall be maintained at all times.



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