Communion: On Being the Church

Report of the Lutheran—Reformed Commission between the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC), 2006—2012

On the basis of the results of earlier Lutheran-Reformed dialogues and the theological foundations (relating to ecclesiology and ministry) articulated in this report, Lutheran and Reformed churches have now a greater potential to reach full communion.

The report recommends several practical steps toward more fully living out the reality of this communion.

It also includes several contextual observations on challenges faced and creative responses to these in different parts of the world reaching out for unity between Reformed and Lutherans.

The document marks the end of a six-year dialogue process.

Publishers: The Lutheran World Federation, World Communion of Reformed Churches

Department: Department for Theology and Public Witness

Program: Ecumenical Relations

Publication Date: 2014

Pages: 48

ISBN: 978-2-940459-37-7

Language: English

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