A joint approach to strengthening the rights of the most vulnerable   

Over the years, the LWF has applied the Local to Global Rights-Based Approach (RBA) to ensure that the impact of its humanitarian and development work translates into real progress for the most vulnerable people in society. Referred to as L2G, this approach focuses not just on people having the right to something that has been established but it also ensures their active participation in facilitating better access to services such as good health, proper education, a healthy environment, economic security, and so on. 

With this programmatic methodology, the LWF carries out every rights-based or advocacy intervention as part of a clear and consistent logical framework, with activities at local, national and international levels, always based in a particular country and locality. The specific indicators incorporated in the L2G hold both the duty bearers and right holders accountable for  the concrete change that is anticipated.  

The 2021 RBA Annual Report presents what has been achieved over the year in 12 countries at local, national and international levels, thanks to the Local to Global Rights-Based Approach. 

Publishers: The Lutheran World Federation 

Department: Department for World Service & Department for Theology, Mission and Justice 

Program: Rights-Based Approach L2G 

Editor: Marie Renaux 

Publication Date: June 2021 


ISBN: 978-2-940642-27-4  

Languages: English, French 

Price: Free 



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