Pre-Assembly - Women


Following the women’s meetings at each of the four regional pre-Assemblies, the formal women’s pre-Assembly will build on the common visions and goals of the Lutheran women’s network.

It will be held in Windhoek on 6-9 May 2017.

Delegates will not only celebrate the achievements of the women’s network but build on common visions and find ways to ensure full participation of women in the communion.

The pre-Assembly will ask what it is that women want to achieve at the Twelfth Assembly and beyond in order that women build their common dream. Discussion will be centered on leading the communion to increased visibility of women’s contributions to the Reformation journey, their theological reflections and to acknowledge women’s gifts and commitment to church life. At the same time it will address barriers in the achievement of gender justice in church and society and ways in which the network can be nurtured beyond 2017.

Women’s Pre-Assembly Agenda (pdf)

Invitation Only
7:00 AM GMT+02:00
06 May 2017
3:00 PM GMT+02:00
09 May 2017

Arebbusch Travel Lodge

Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue
WindhoekKhomas Region 9000