The Power of the Gospel: Developing Pauline Hermeneutics

St Paul: the gospel is the power of God for salvation. Photo: Creative Commons
St Paul: the gospel is the power of God for salvation. Photo: Creative Commons


Fourth International LWF Conference on Hermeneutics

Paul is one of the most influential shapers of the Christian faith and global culture. Sixteenth-century Christian Reformers found in his letters new language and ideas on how to revitalize the church and order human relations in society. As the Lutheran World Federation's five-year hermeneutics process reaches its climax, we are pleased to hold our fourth international hermeneutics conference with the theme, The Power of the Gospel: Developing Pauline Hermeneutics. The previous three conferences focused on the Gospel of John, the Psalms and the Gospel of Matthew.

This conference creates an inter-disciplinary space for critical discussion of biblical texts, drawing on Paul’s letters, Lutheran resources and contemporary socio-political, economic and theological questions. The academic papers read by some 35 leading scholars across different disciplines of theology will lead the conference discussion. Furthermore, participants will study passages from Paul’s letters and examine ways in which they apply to different contexts. Morning devotional reflections and prayer will be held throughout the conference.

In addition to invited guests and facilitators from Africa, Asia, Latin and North America and Europe, the conference is open to self-funded participants. We encourage theologians, biblical scholars, pastors, theology students and others interested in the influence of biblical texts on our shared life in the world to attend.


This event is held in partnernship with Aarhus University.

Open to All
2:00 PM GMT+00:00
24 September 2015
4:00 PM GMT+00:00
29 September 2015

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