People on the Move – Bridges or Walls?

Talinn Conviviality Workshop, March 2016. Photo: Szilard Szabo
Talinn Conviviality Workshop, March 2016. Photo: Szilard Szabo


First Conviviality Workshop of the New European Diaconal Process 2017-2020

Diaconal actors from 3 European LWF regions discuss convivial living in Europe with particular emphasis on people on the move.


21 participants from 11 European member churches of the Lutheran World Federation will meet in Romania for the 4-day-workshop “People on the Move – Bridges or Walls?”

This workshop is part of the LWF European Diaconal Process “Seeking Conviviality”, organized in cooperation with the International Academy for Diaconia (interdiac). It aims at supporting the work of member churches in the field of diakonia, with particular attention to aspects of identity.

An international think tank of experienced diaconal actors will explore the borders they see in the world and the borders they perceive within themselves, to find a firm theological basis for their efforts to counter populism and xenophobia in their respective countries. The exposure to the local history and context of migration in Romania, the ensuing discussions and exchange of experiences based on the participants’ individual contexts will enable them to build a strong diaconal network among the churches of the three European regions of the LWF.

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12:00 AM GMT+03:00
11 December 2018
12:00 AM GMT+03:00
14 December 2018


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