DMD has three program areas to help member churches become better equipped for holistic mission and to deepen their relationships with each other.

As the Department for Mission and Development, it is our role to support churches as they grow in their ability to carry out holistic mission, build relationships with each other, proclaim the gospel, advocate for justice and peace, and work with and for people in need.

We call this accompaniment for holistic mission.

To achieve this, we offer members a number of elements of support: the chance to network and build relationships, to share resources and know-how, to take part in training and capacity building, as well as by offering financial assistance.

Our work is organized under three pillars:

Capacity for Diakonia

Church growth and sustainability


We integrate LWF crosscutting priorities into our program work. In doing so, we base all our work on continuous theological reflection, developing understanding of public witness and consistently emphasizing gender justice and youth participation.

LWF Youth

Women in Church and Society


Symbols of Hope

Waking the Giant

DMD project support provides a firm basis for the three programs. Projects strengthen member churches and offer regional and global opportunities for learning.

Member Church Projects