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With Passion for the Church and for the World | LWF Strategy 2019-2024

With Passion for the Church and for the World | LWF Strategy 2019-2024 - Strategic priorities and their basis

Strategic priorities and their basis. Illustration: LWF Strategy 2019-2024

Living and working together as a Communion

The overarching framework for our ongoing witness is provided by the calling of LWF member churches to live and work together as a communion of churches in ongoing need of reformation.

Building on our ongoing journey and based on the outcomes of the Assembly and the context within which we live, we identify two strategic priorities for the period ahead:

Priority 1: Supporting churches’ presence and vibrant witness in the world

We are passionate about the churches holistically witnessing to Christ in their contexts. We seek to equip and resource each other to witness to the liberating grace of God. The challenges that churches face are of a varying nature, given their specific contexts. By engaging in dialogue and collaboration, we strengthen and nurture each other.

As a communion of churches, we continue working together to:

  • Jointly develop theological reflection that articulates our understanding of being Lutheran churches in communion
  • Live out the communion relationships among member churches
  • Work together to further God’s holistic mission
  • Ensure promotion of gender justice at every level
  • Ensure the meaningful participation of youth in church and society
  • Engage ecumenical partners and build relationships to respond to the call to unity and joint witness
  • Engage in interfaith dialogue and cooperation to build mutual understanding and promote collaboration

Priority 2: Promoting human dignity, justice, and peace

Out of faith convictions and theological reflections, we are committed to uphold human dignity and work for justice and peace. This encompasses upholding the integrity of creation and affirming the human rights of every individual person. Building on the local witness of LWF member churches, we aspire to express these commitments as a global communion of churches. In doing so we seek to respond to suffering and address its root causes

As a communion of churches, we will work together to:

  • Respond to people in emergency situations, with a focus on refugees, returnees, internally displaced people, their host communities, and communities at risk
  • Support local communities in sustainable development efforts to achieve life with dignity and full enjoyment of their rights
  • Equip member churches to engage in diaconal action
  • Collaborate with ecumenical partners, interfaith actors, and religious leaders on issues of human dignity, justice, and peace
  • Strengthen efforts for climate justice
  • Strengthen local and global advocacy to promote human rights and protect the rights of marginalized communities


LWF Strategy 2019 – 2024