Ongoing risks for agricultural livelihoods

The country of Mozambique faces numerous droughts, cyclones and floods, negating development gains particularly for the poor. Seventy percent of the population lives below the poverty line, and most people rely on subsistence agriculture for their livelihoods and food.

There is an urgent need for a reversal in the number of new HIV cases, along with improvement of basic services for the poor and vulnerable.

What we’re doing in Mozambique

The LWF’s work in Mozambique supports close to 200,000 people through livelihood, health, and disaster preparedness and risk reduction programs.

We aim to develop sustainable livelihoods with our food security and microfinance projects, while increasing the participation of women in community decision-making.

Our public health awareness raising helps communities learn about HIV and AIDS, malaria prevention, and sanitation.

In the area of environmental protection, we partner with communities and governments to improve the conservation and management of natural resources. In addition, we train communities and help develop disaster risk reduction and response committees.

Video: LWF's efforts to combat land-grabbing in Mozambique

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