LWF membership represents over 77 million Christians in the Lutheran tradition in 99 countries across the globe.

The LWF has 149 member churches, including two associate member churches, as well as ten recognized churches and congregations, and two recognized councils.

Churches that wish to join the LWF must formally accept the Federation’s doctrinal basis as outlined in the LWF Constitution. Please contact the Regional Secretary responsible for your region if you have an inquiry about membership. 

Recognized councils of the LWF (these councils include LWF members)
  • The Lutheran Council of Great Britain
  • United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany
Recognized churches and congregations of the LWF
  • German-Speaking Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in Bolivia
  • St Martin’s Congregation in Colombia
  • St Matthew’s Lutheran Church – Colombia
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of Costa Rica
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ecuador
  • Evangelical Lutheran Congregation “La Epifania” in Guatemala
  • German-Speaking Evangelical Congregation in Mexico
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in Peru
  • The Lutheran Church in Ireland
  • Lutheran Church of Belgium: Arlon and Christian Mission