Meeting of the working group on interfaith learning in the LWF


Mandated by the Assembly resolution on interreligious relations, the LWF seeks to strengthen interfaith learning in the Lutheran communion.

This ad-hoc working group will discuss an appropriate methodology for equipping LWF member churches and theological institutions. Members of the working group come from the seven regions of the LWF and are involved in the LWF Interfaith Network. Experiences of constructive interfaith learning, in terms of learning in the church, the community theological institutions, will be shared.

The group will also interact in an online forum with LWF youth. The LWF aims at developing material (e.g., a handbook or toolkit, or an online platform) with theological and pedagogical perspectives that helps member churches and theological seminaries locally to initiate and sustain constructive interreligious relations.

Twelfth Assembly Resolution on Interreligious Relations



Invitation Only
12:00 AM GMT+01:00
03 December 2017
12:00 AM GMT+01:00
06 December 2017

The Lutheran World Federation

150 Route de Ferney
Geneva 1218


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