Meeting of the Advisory Group on the LWF Ecumenical Strategy

Members of the Anglican-Lutheran International Coordinating Committee at work during their last meeting, May 2016. Photo: Paul March


The LWF is developing an ecumenical strategy. It will provide a framework for the LWF’s future engagement in bilateral dialogues and the wider ecumenical movement.

The ecumenical strategy document will be developed in close cooperation between the Department for Theology and Public Witness and an advisory group representing the seven LWF regions, plus a staff member from the Institute for Ecumenical Research in Strasbourg. It is expected to be presented to the LWF Council in June 2018.

As it is very crucial that future LWF ecumenical dialogues are linked to the ecumenical work and challenges of the member churches, they received a questionnaire on the ecumenical relations of the member churches. The results of this survey will serve the advisory group when developing the LWF ecumenical strategy.

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11 October 2017
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14 October 2017

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